Vaya Lynk

Packaging Design

Packaging Design for Bluetooth Tracker


Vaya Lynk is a bluetooth smart tracker

Arriving at the Problem

I came across a rare health phenomenon known as “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” or EHS for short. Reading through several papers published by the World Health Organization, it was clear to me that even though there isn’t yet an established link between the symptoms of EHS and EMF on a biological level, it is still a very real possibility and an extremely alarming one at that.


The International EMF Project has been established by WHO as a platform to provide a coordinated international response to concerns about possible health effects on exposure to EMF. The EMF project holds a meeting at least once every year which sees participation from many countries across the world including India. This gave me the basis of my project, and a goal to work towards: To build public awareness about the common concerns and current issues with RF technology.