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What Blogs used to be like

During my early internet days I discovered "Blogs", written by people from all over the world sharing stories, incidents, narratives, and experiences online for me to read, learn from, love or hate. All this for free.

These blogs were very distinct from the majority we see today. They weren't listicles trying to sell you "Top 10 gifts for Father's Day" or "Why you should use for ". They were humane, closer to personal journals/diaries than anything else, and in no way tried to position the writer as an expert of some sort.

These were some of the stories of those times that I remember. I tried to go back and find them, but with little success. None of these stories made you an 'influencer', nor did they try to sell stuff. They were written only for the sake of writing and sharing. We don't get to read many stories on a blog like this today, do we?

I worked on a blog for my employer. We've published over 2000+ articles, more added every week. But they're all 'optimized for keywords, ranking, converting traffic', and there's nothing personal about any of them. It isn't entirely a bad thing, helps people and brings us business, else we wouldn't be doing it.

What's disheartening is that those 'humane blogs' I was talking about earlier? They've practically disappeared from the web and replaced by 'marketing blogs'. Google searches for "Personal Blogs" will only fetch you a series of listicles, all of whom try to be influencers, and shove their products down your throat.

The 'blog' that was once personal and intimate is now just a content marketing tool. That's the most unfortunate part, and makes me miss the old days.

Also, writing this on my phone because laptop is out for servicing. If I've done this right, it should get picked up from Notion and auto-published. Hoping it works 🤞